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  • Carly Cusick

Music, Movement, Wellness and More

Welcome to 2MW's first blog post! We have loved bringing Music, Movement, and Wellness to various communities in North Carolina for the past several years, and we are now excited to start including an educational component to our live classes and to you!

Each month we'll have a different focus, starting with our 7 class elements: Cardio, Toning, Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, Agility, and Memory. We'll look into each individual element, what it is, and why it's important. We'll discuss how we use it in class, and how it's related to Music, Movement, and the different dimensions of Wellness. We'll also discuss how each element relates to all of the other elements (How does Cardio affect Memory? What about Toning and Balance? Coordination and Flexibility?)

During our live classes, we'll be looking at individual routines and showing ways to increase or decrease the difficulty and intensity level of that element in those routines. We hope this will help encourage everyone to do exactly what their own body, mind, and soul desire during class, and to reach towards their own personal goals during class.

Thank you for checking us out. As most things do, I'm sure this new educational component of class as well as this blog will continue to grow and change over time, and we're excited for this new evolution of our program!


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