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The Classes

The Classes

Classes offered include STANDING, SEATED, and BLENDED formats, ranging from 30-60 minutes.  Within each of these formats, a variety of intensity and difficulty levels are provided, ultimately covering the entire spectrum of what older adults may require.  Within individual classes, progressions and modifications will be provided so that each student can work at their own comfort and ability level, ensuring an effective and safe class for everyone.


Each and every class will focus on integrating the physical side of dance and exercise with the COGNITIVE side, with an emphasis on COORDINATION, BALANCE, AGILITY, and MEMORY, making 2MW a unique program.

The MUSIC will include upbeat songs ranging from the 1920s to today.  There will be a large variety in style of music and dance, including Swing and Ballroom styles, Latin and International rhythms, Broadway and other Musical numbers, and plenty of other popular options.

The MOVEMENT seamlessly blends dance and fitness in choreographed routines to each song.  We cover all aspects of PHYSICAL FUNCTION while using appropriate movements for each FORMAT and providing options for each individual student.

As new routines are added in with the existing ones, students will experience a balance between feeling COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT with the old material, while still challenging themselves to always LEARN something new.

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