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Apply to Join Our Team

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please click here to fill out and submit your application.

2MW is currently seeking additional instructors in North Carolina

  • We have an immediate need for occasional substitute instructors in Durham, NC.

  • We are also looking for instructors to begin new regular classes throughout the Triangle area of NC.

  • We plan to expand outside of the Triangle in the near future, so if you live in a different area of NC and are interested in teaching, please go ahead and submit your application!

About the job


Anywhere in the Triangle! You will have more opportunities for classes the more you are willing to travel throughout the Triangle. If you are interested in teaching in other areas, please include this in your application as opportunities for more locations should be available soon.


  • Starts at $22/hour for classes taught

  • Potential for a higher starting rate with the right experience in dance and/or fitness

  • Increase in pay for reaching certain benchmarks in training and teaching

  • Bonuses for bringing in additional instructors and for helping to start new classes


Classes are usually taught in the mornings and afternoons (9-12; 2-5) weekdays and potentially weekends. Classes can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes, with the potential for 2-3 classes at one location per day. It is a flexible job as far as scheduling goes; however, once you are assigned a class time, you should be able to stay with that class for at least 6 months.


What the job entails

  • Teaching dance fitness classes (choreography and music provided) at retirement communities and for other groups of seniors/older adults.

  • Following any instructions from the community (sign in sheets, setting up room, etc)

  • Reporting hours to 2MW director.

  • Ongoing training with 2MW director. Plan initially for weekly check-ins, then monthly meetings. Training will include continuing to learn new routines on a monthly basis.

  • That’s it! Your job is mostly to show up and teach a great class!


About the ideal candidate

  • Perfect for someone who does NOT work a 9-5 job and is looking for a fun, rewarding way to make some extra money each week! This is a very part-time position: teach one class a week or as many as you’d like. 

  • No experience needed! You will receive all the training necessary before teaching your first class. Training will include learning two 45-minute classes (Standing and Seated) as well as information on how to safely and effectively teach a class and connect with your students. You will continue to receive ongoing training as well once you have started teaching.

  • Our program works on improving cardio, toning, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, and memory. You should be strong enough in these areas to properly demonstrate all of them throughout class. (There is an option to teach only Seated classes as well, which will lower the demands of a few of these elements.)

  • The following personality traits are more important than experience for this job: Personable, energetic, compassionate, patient, dependable, punctual.

  • Of course, being comfortable with and passionate about working with seniors, including those in Assisted Living and Memory Care, is a must!

  • Many of these communities require vaccinations for Covid and/or the flu. As such, we will only be considering applicants who have been vaccinated or are willing to do so before beginning training.

How to apply


Please fill out an application by clicking here

In the cover letter section, please explain why you are interested in becoming an instructor, as well as how and why you will make a great addition to the team!

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