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  • Carly Cusick

Balance and the other Elements of 2MW

We finished February by taking a look at how Balance interacts with all the other elements of our classes: Cardio, Toning, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, and Memory.

The biggest connection here is with Toning. In order to maintain our balance, we need to have a strong core, strong legs, and even a strong upper body. Every toning exercise we do in class carries right over into balance training.

The second most important connection is Agility. Last week we mentioned Dynamic Balance, which is really another way to describe agility. It's moving your body while maintaining your balance, shifting your weight from one foot to another or quickly changing directions while maintaining your balance.

Next we'll look at both Coordination and Memory. Like balance, these elements focus on the Brain first and the Body second. As we challenge our coordination or our memory, we are creating and strengthening pathways in the brain that will ultimately help us with our balance as well.

Finally, we'll look at Cardio and Flexibility. These elements are more focused on the Body than the Brain. Improving your overall physical wellness through things like cardio training and stretching will help your body have the strength and endurance it needs to help you maintain your balance throughout our daily lives.


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