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  • Carly C Houston

Happy Social Wellness Month!

Since the early 2000’s, July has been recognized across the world as Social Wellness Month. Social Wellness is one of the 4 main dimensions of Wellness that we focus on at 2MW, along with physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Social Wellness refers to the ways in which we interact with those around us, and build healthy relationships and support systems. Social Wellness Month is a time to reflect on these interactions and to check in on our relationships. It is also a time to explore new connections and to celebrate existing ones.

Group fitness classes are a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships, particularly for people who are new to a community setting like a retirement community!

As an instructor for 2MW, I love watching these friendships develop and grow. Upon interviewing several students recently, one word I heard over and over again (unprompted!) was “camaraderie.” Most of my focus as an instructor and as the choreographer for the program is on the physical and mental dimensions of wellness. It seems the emotional and the social dimensions happen naturally as a byproduct of the class, which makes me so happy to see.

This month I encourage you to reflect on your own Social Wellness, check in on your friends, and say hello to someone new! And be sure you’re attending your group fitness classes!


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